The vineyards is where it all begins, and well worth a visit. The Grande Champagne area is the very heart of the region, located just south of the cities Cognac and Jarnac. The soil is dominated by limestone which is a prerequisite for producing the best cognacs. Cognac from this area is light with a markedly floral character. The distillates require prolonged ageing in oak barrels, and will eventually obtain an exquisite aroma and taste far superior to what can be found in the other regions. Petite Champagne is located in a half circle to the west, south and east of Grande Champagne. You will find many of the same characteristics in the distillates, but with less limestone in the soil Petite Champagne requires less ageing and will not be as complex. It will present fruitiness in addition to the floral aromas.


Saint Emilion:
An excursion to the well-known middle age city of Saint Emilion is also recommended. It is on UNESCO’s world heritage list. A 90 minute drive from Cognac will take you to this famous city of wine. Sainte Emilion is located east of Bordeaux at the heart of the world’s most recognised wine area. The cobbled streets and the scenery combined more than justifies a visit. At the Tourism Office (Sainte Emillion Excellence), you will get all the necessary help related to visiting Chateaux or a vineyard. The underground church, with its 187 steps to the bell tower is another must for the interested voyager. Enjoy the view !