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In search of good tasting experiences, we are familiar with pairing food and wine, some might even be exploring food and beer, but have you tried pairing spirits with your meal? You might be drinking aquavit to your food in certain seasons so why not try cognac? However, cognac reveals beautiful flavours and goes well with appropriate dishes, offering new taste experiences. 



Contrary to popular belief, cognac is not only used to burn. At the table, it goes perfectly with all dished, from starter to dessert. Cognac bewitches the palates, it sharpens, enhances and slightly surprises. Such a nectar is not only intended to be enjoyed as a digestive; it also has its place at the table.

Cognac needs dished with relief and character to match. For a successful match, texture and flavours must be combined. The degree of temperature plays an important role in the success of the agreements. The cold, even the frost, turns out to be a real ally, making cognac rounder.

If you like to impress your guest for dinner. Break the rules and offer them a new cognac experience beyond the classic situations.



Cognac have a wide specter of aromas to be appreciated and depending on age or the production process the cognac will offer different characteristics.

  • VS «Very Special» whose youngest eau-de-vie had aged for at least 2 years in oak barrels, still has all the aromas of eau-de-vie and is displayed on the fruits as well as floral notes.
  • VSOP «Very Special Old Pale» whose youngest eau-de-vie has aged for at least 4 years in oak barrels, is more woody and spicy than a simple VS. It is more complex thanks to it fruity aromas that evoke stone fruits while the burning of the barrels gives it toasted and roasted notes.
  • XO «Extra Old» whose youngest eau-de-vie has aged for at least 6 years in oak barrels but most between 10 or 20 years, is the most structured and richest cognac with the greatest aromatic complexity.



Why not try some new experiences pairing cognac to the meal next time you are inviting friends for dinner. We will give you some examples :

The aperitif: a convivial moment that can be enjoyed with all the originalities. Boads, tapas or verrines, creativity is there and the pairing to work on.
Cognac VSOP Bache-Gabrielsen and roquefort: roquefort dominates the cheese family. This accord plays on the sweet and vanilla notes of cognac and the creaminess of the cheese.

The starter: cognac as an appetizer call for lightness. Seafood products are therefore to be discussed: salmon tartar, scallops or langoustines will make the joy of a VSOP.
Cognac TRE KORS Bache-Gabrielsen and oysters: an association that challenges all the classic codes. The aromas of vanilla as well as those of citrus fruits and spices will perfectly highlight the fat, the salt and iodized taste of oysters.

The main course: cognac with a main course invites to many combinations. Meat, of course, but so is fish. On the meat side, choose meats with classic meat such as lamb or beef that will go perfectly with a VS or VSOP. More aromatic ones such as lacquered duck or pigeon, will seduce an XO. On the fish side, a salmon will charm a VSOP.
Cognac XO Fine Champagne Bache-Gabrielsen and pigeon: cognac goes well with distinguished meats such as game. The pigeon with its delicate and slightly taste is more than conclusive.

Cognac also wakes up the plant. Choose mushrooms or play on the sweet and sour side of pumpkin or carrot. However, avoid vegetables that taste too strong, such as spinach, asparagus, cabbage or fennel, at all costs.

Dessert: cognac invites you to indulge in gourmet delights. It is the ideal companion for dessert. For beautiful emotions, you can serve a black ganache or tarte tatin with an XO. If you choose a lighter dessert, fruit is your ally.
Cognac XO Carafe Bache-Gabrielsen and dark chocolate: the major pairing that caresses all the finesse of the woody, floral and slightly amber flavours of dark chocolate.



A few tips professionals to play perfectly with food and cognac matches without making any mistakes:

Sugar is naturally combined with cognac. In the mouth, it produces a pleasant effect because it reduces the sensation of alcohol.

The bitterness will also go very well with an aged cognac as it will remind you of oak notes.

Salt and cognac are old friends because both are flavor enhancers.

Fat offers, in moderate doses, a pleasant combination with alcohol.

Umami remains cognac’s universal ally. This fifth flavor allows you to savour all the subtlety of cognac to a sensation of delicacy or tasty tastes.

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For over a century, our family house, has been resolutely turned to the future, with innovative projects at the heart of our values. We are very pleased to open our doors today to a unique experience, where your are the main actor: the creation of your own cognac.



Four generations of Bache-Gabrielsen have passed, each leaving their mark on the history of the company. Boldness is in our DNA, and it’s our taste for the exploration of new territories that makes us want to become the first house in Cognac to share some of its secrets with you.

Jean-Philippe Bergier joined the Bache-Gabrielsen production house thirty years ago. His know-how and passion is at the service of your PRIVATE cognac CASK experience. He will be accompanying you in your choice of terroir and thoughout the ageing process. He will match, with paternal attention, over your precious spirit.



Some experiences only make sense if you live them through…

As a bold company, we offer you the opportunity to create and monitor the maturation of your cognac in a 30 litre barrel, until de the final bottling. Become the owner of a unique cognac. 

Our cellar master, Jean-Philippe Bergier, has selected for you the bests eau-de-vie capable of meeting your requirements. Among three AOC Cognac wines, choose the eau-de-vie whose profile seduces you. Follow the ageing until it is bottled on our cellars. An experience to share with friends or family!





Each terroir in the AOC Cognac gives birth to spirits with unique characters. Drawing on the house’s experience and network of 150 partners wine growers, Bache-Gabrielsen has been selecting newly distilled eaux-de-vie for you. Each of them will reveal their full personality though particular ageing process.

  • The Fins Bois will give a fruity and generous cognac that quickly ripens. Two years of ageing will highlight its roudness and generosity.
  • The Petite Champagne will give a vigorous cognac with very intense floral notes. Its full character will be revealed after four years of ageing.
  • The Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie are distinctive by their suppleness and powerful floral notes. After six years of ageing, they will offer an elegant cognac with a long delicate finish on the palate.


Ageing is a crucial phase in the elaboration of a cognac. Traditionally, cognacs are aged in 300 to 400 litres barrels. Bache-Gabrielsen has chosen 30-litres barrels for your PRIVATE cognac CASK, thus multiplying the exchanges between the spirit and the ambient air. Our cellar master has carefully selected barrels which have previously been filled with Bache-Gabrielsen XO cognac.

Over time, your PRIVATE cognac CASK will evolve and acquire new qualities. We invite you to follow their ageing by tasting a sample each year, either straight from our cellars or in samples that we would deliver to your door.

When your PRIVATE cognac CASK reaches its optimum age, Bache-Gabrielsen will organise a unique bottling session to which you will be invited in order to bottle your cognac yourself. Then, you will leave with 50 or 60 bottles depending on the vintage chosen for your precious elixir, whose labels bearing the information of your PRIVATE cognac CASK can be personalized by you.

It is up to you to create the cognac that suits you and will be unique.

For more information and price, please contact

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Producing authentic and innovative spirits has always been part of our history, revealing spirits of all origins, bringing our daring touch. After American Oak Whiskey, we unveil the second opus of the range : the first Aquavit made in Cognac, paying tribute to our Scandinavian roots.

Well know in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Aquavit is the Scandinavian spirit by excellence. In a way, it is a bit like the gin’s cousin by the use of aromatics. Like gin uses a majority of juniper, aquavit requires a majority of caraway. It is a blend of two spirits : the first, boldly rich in caraway and fennel, is distilled in a traditional cognac alembic. The second, with brightly floral notes of angelica, is distilled under vacuum. The Aquavit by Bache-Gabrielsen offers an intensely fresh experience with a lingering length. Both complex and sweet, well balanced, each ingredient brings its own personality into this harmonious blend. Our Aquavit is appreciated in long drink with tonic or in cocktails.

This achievement is the result of a collaboration with the Audemus Spirits micro-distillery, with whom we share the same values of creativity and passion and who’s specialized in the creation of innovative and expressive products. Jean-Philippe Bergier, Bache-Gabrielsen’s master blender for more than 30 years, put his experience to the service of the creation of this new spirit.


Distillation by Bache-Gabrielsen / Aquavit – 70 cl – 40 % vol
PVC : 39 euros TTC
Available : December 2018
Distribution : online store

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Creating an Aquavit for the DistillationS range came naturally as a tribute to our Scandinavian roots. We have collaborated with Audemus Spirits, who share the same values of creativity and passion with Bache-Gabrielsen, and specialise in creating innovative and expressive products. Our cellarmaster used his years of expertise blending the finest cognac to accompany the creation of this spirit following its production from the distillations, gentle resting and its final blending.

This aquavit is a blend of two spirits; the first, boldly richin caraway and fennel, is distilled in a traditional cognac alembic. The second, with brightly floral notes of angelica, is distilled under vacuum. This aquvit offers an intensly fresh experience with a persistant length. It is complex, soft and well- balanced, each ingredient bringing its own personnality in this harmonious blend.

Enjoy our Aquavit pure, in long drink with tonic or in cocktails.

BOUQUET: powdery, with fragrances of dried thyme and lavender, such as a walk in a botanical garden of the south France.
TASTE : expressive floral notes mingled with delicate citrusy notes. Intense, sharp and pointed .
LENGTH : persistance that enhances the citrus, with a hint of lemon.

Content : 70cl
Alcohol content : 42 % vol.
Color : clear

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Whisky from northern Norway travels to Cognac 

Is it possible to imagine two landscapes as different as the mischievous fishing village Myken, 35 kilometers into the sea west of the Helgeland coast, and the rolling hills of the Cognac district in western France? Is it possible to find common ground between these two so different places? Actually, yes. The answer is Norwegian-produced whisky stored in French cognac barrels. In a few years, we will know if the experiment will be successful. But we somehow have the feeling that chances are good.

From Holmestrand with love

Bache-Gabrielsen has been a producer of first-class cognac for over a hundred years. The company represents a Norwegian portal into the French spirits culture. Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen, from the small city of Holmestrand, was an adventurer. He did not intend to sit with his hands in his lap, waiting to see what life had to offer, but rather take command of his own destiny. The result is well-known: By the turn of the century, he became a producer of high quality cognac gaining a large audience worldwide and particularly in Norway. No other manufacturers of cognac have sold that much of this wonderful liquid on Norwegian soil.

Complexity is the key 

Some people will always seek new challenges. Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen is one of them. Since taking over the family business in 2011 from father Christian, he is still imagining and searching for new paths, and his last project is – strangely enough – whisky! Now you may find this a little confusing, but perhaps it is not at all that strange when you begin to look into the matter. Whisky and cognac are two of the world’s most famous and complex spirits. The traditions are formidable in both camps, but what happens if you try to make a drink merging the best of both families? Now we’re talking …

The distillery at the end of the world

Myken is a picturesque fishing village hosting ten permanent residents, located in the municipality of Rødøy, 66 degrees north, three miles outside the Helgeland coast. The waves sweep in from the Norwegian Sea 365 days a year. Here, hardly anything grows other than the most hardy of plants: Grass, peat, moss, low and short-stemmed flowers, clinging to the cliffs to the best of their abilities. But out here next to the open sea, some creative people have settled down. Roar Larsen and Jan Hellstrøm came to Myken a few years ago and were summoned by its magnificent nature. They got this wild idea of ​​establishing a distillery – the world’s northernmost – and now making whisky and gin receiving brilliant reception in the market.

Not intrusive, just unique

The quality of a liquor is entirely dependent on first-class ingredients. Without this prerequisite, one can forget about all aspirations to create something that really matters. The whisky from Myken is made of desalinated seawater, deriving flavor from the sea. It is said that really fresh seafood should first and foremost smell of sea. One might ask – what does sea water really taste like? Is this something enjoyable? The whole world knows the answer to this question is yes, similarly so with the sea water used to produce whisky. The aromas are not intrusive, but the floral shades add a unique character to the final product.

Climate is the key

In addition to the desalinated sea water, the climate is crucial. Some of the world’s finest whiskys are produced in rugged parts of Scotland, and the Myken climate has many common denominators with the places where the Scottish distilleries are housed. The temperature is never high, but never too low, and the humidity is high. All of this contributes to the taste of the distillates stored here.

Sometimes an avalanche only needs a tiny push

A few years ago, Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen got a tip about the distillery on Myken, and last summer he travelled up and out to the island to look at the landscape, meet the people and taste the distillates. Being so excited, he bought 1000 liters of fresh distillates and made a plan: What would happen if we add this raw material to old French cognac barrels, carry them to Cognac and let them evolve in our cellars down there? Sometimes an avalanche only needs a tiny push.

The beauty of the bark

The first three barrels are now being transported by boat to Bergen, and from there with a truck to the deep basins of Cognac, located in the heart of Europe at the 45th latitude, more than 20 coordinates south of Myken. Of course, you could have put the dish on board a modern truck and headed south, but why not take a boat ride? After all, this is a true innovation in the liquor world. Christian Bache-Gabrielsen, a now 75-year-old retiree, Bache’s director from 1968 to 2011, joined the Norwegian sailboat Statsraad Lehmkuhl, one of Norway’s finest ships regardless of category. Sailing a splendid bark from 1914 with the spectacular view of the Norwegian coast as a backdrop. Life could be worse.

The nose is the king

The barrels were loaded on board in Lehmkuhl, with Christian Bache-Gabrielsen for the occasion employed as “caretaker”. The journey went down along the coast down to Bergen, where it arrived on the 12th of July. Can a sea trip be more magnificent than this? In Bergen, the barrels were loaded on trucks and driven to Cognac, where the gems were laid in the basement, getting a taste of the oak barrels previously containing high quality cognac. What flavors will develop in this process? Hard to predict, but in three to four years, cellar master Jean-Philippe Bergier, the virtuoso in charge of this position at Bache since 1989, will taste the goods. If everything goes according to the plan, about 1500 bottles will be available for the market. You do not have to be psychic to predict that there will be a rift. Join the queue.

Text: Øivind Hånes

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Drawing on his experience, our Master Blender has carefully selected this whisky, recognizing its potential to fulfil the high standards we set out when crafting our spirits. By giving a second life to the Tennessee Oak casks which had previously been used for the final maturation of our cognac “American Oak”, we have given a whole new dimension to this blended whisky, first opus of the DISTILLATIONS range.

This series, limited to 1500 bottles, offers roundness, richness and extreme freshness, which, coupled with the notes of wood, reveal the singularity of this elegant blend.

BOUQUET : fresh hazelnut, mirabelle, dried herb, slight hint of pear.
TASTE : rich and round, yellow fruits, fresh & unique flavour.

Content  : 70 cl
Alcohol content : 41,2 % vol.
Colour : Gold
Ageing : Minimum 32 months in oak with a final ageing in the American oak casks previously used for cognac “American Oak”.

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Try one of these hot drinks for the cold winter nights. Grab a warm drink, put on your chunkiest sweater, and warm up by the fireplace for the optimal hygge atmosphere.

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Impress your special someone with a cocktail tonight ❤️


cognac cocktail

Main dans la main

4 cl Bache Gabrielsen American Oak
1 cl Vermouth Rosso
1 cl Sherry Fino
1,5 cl Fresh Orange Juice
1,5 cl Lemon Juice
3 teaspoon Orange Marmalade

Add all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake. Strain into an ice-filled highball glass.  Garnish with orange peel.

Serve with love!

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The last man standing

Cocktail creation by Le Syndicat – Organisation de Défense des Spiritueux Français

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Refreshing cognac drinks for the summer night!

Cognac can be drunk on far more occasions than just after a good dinner. It also tastes delicious on ice as an aperitif, in long drinks and all sorts of combinations. The fruity, rich, full-bodied flavour of cognac makes it an excellent base for delightful cocktails for the summer.



bache gabrielsen cognac konjakk drink cocktail horse's neck

4 cl Bache-Gabrielsen American Oak
Ginger Beer

Pour the cognac into an old fashioned glass with lots of ice. Top up with ginger beer and a twist of lemon.


bache gabrielsen cognac konjakk drink cocktail orange espresso martini

3 cl Bache- Gabrielsen American Oak
1 cl Cointreau
1 single espresso
4 cl simple syrup
2 large pieces of orange peel

Shake and strain into a cocktail glass.
Good morning, good coffee, good cognac, good times!



bache gabrielsen cognac konjakk drink cocktail apple alexander

4.5 cl Bache- Gabrielsen American Oak
1.5 cl Cointreau
1.5 cl lemon juice

Shake with ice and serve in a cocktail glass.


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