3 times father to son

Now a man of mature years, Christian Bache-Gabrielsen is passing the baton to his eldest son, Hervé, after being head of the firm for four decades.
Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen is a fourth generation Bache-Gabrielsen and as a kid helped to put corks in bottles. After studying economics in Bordeaux, he gained professional experience in banking and the brandy trade at home and abroad before being entrusted by his family in 2003 with entering into his inheritance and joining the family firm full time.

Hervé, who speaks Norwegian, is in his 30s and married to Maud. They live just a stone’s throw or two from the firm’s offices in the centre of Cognac together with their children, Zoe and Oscar. Hervé will carry on the business, which has been in the family’s ownership since 1905. Bache-Gabrielsen & Co was founded by Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen, Hervé’s great-grandfather, and was carried on by his son René and Hervé’s father, Christian, who run the business for 40 years.

Despite Christian being officially retired, he is going to act as Company Chairman and will no doubt continue to help out day to day at Rue de Boston, where the firm’s premises are located.Bache-Gabrielsen is one of the few remaining traditional, family-owned, and family-run, cognac houses and it still occupies its original premises in the centre of Cognac. With more than a million and a half bottles, Bache-Gabrielsen is what you would call a medium-sized cognac house and it intends to keep its cognac going for many years to come.