News from Bache-Gabrielsen and the world of cognac


In search of good tasting experiences, we are familiar with pairing food and wine, some might even be exploring food and beer, but have you tried pairing spirits with your meal? You might be drinking aquavit to your food in certain seasons so why not try cognac? However, cognac reveals beautiful flavours and goes well with appropriate dishes, offering new taste experiences. 



Contrary to popular belief, cognac is not only used to burn. At the table, it goes perfectly with all dished, from starter to dessert. Cognac bewitches the palates, it sharpens, enhances and slightly surprises. Such a nectar is not only intended to be enjoyed as a digestive; it also has its place at the table.

Cognac needs dished with relief and character to match. For a successful match, texture and flavours must be combined. The degree of temperature plays an important role in the success of the agreements. The cold, even the frost, turns out to be a real ally, making cognac rounder.

If you like to impress your guest for dinner. Break the rules and offer them a new cognac experience beyond the classic situations.



Cognac have a wide specter of aromas to be appreciated and depending on age or the production process the cognac will offer different characteristics.

  • VS «Very Special» whose youngest eau-de-vie had aged for at least 2 years in oak barrels, still has all the aromas of eau-de-vie and is displayed on the fruits as well as floral notes.
  • VSOP «Very Special Old Pale» whose youngest eau-de-vie has aged for at least 4 years in oak barrels, is more woody and spicy than a simple VS. It is more complex thanks to it fruity aromas that evoke stone fruits while the burning of the barrels gives it toasted and roasted notes.
  • XO «Extra Old» whose youngest eau-de-vie has aged for at least 6 years in oak barrels but most between 10 or 20 years, is the most structured and richest cognac with the greatest aromatic complexity.



Why not try some new experiences pairing cognac to the meal next time you are inviting friends for dinner. We will give you some examples :

The aperitif: a convivial moment that can be enjoyed with all the originalities. Boads, tapas or verrines, creativity is there and the pairing to work on.
Cognac VSOP Bache-Gabrielsen and roquefort: roquefort dominates the cheese family. This accord plays on the sweet and vanilla notes of cognac and the creaminess of the cheese.

The starter: cognac as an appetizer call for lightness. Seafood products are therefore to be discussed: salmon tartar, scallops or langoustines will make the joy of a VSOP.
Cognac TRE KORS Bache-Gabrielsen and oysters: an association that challenges all the classic codes. The aromas of vanilla as well as those of citrus fruits and spices will perfectly highlight the fat, the salt and iodized taste of oysters.

The main course: cognac with a main course invites to many combinations. Meat, of course, but so is fish. On the meat side, choose meats with classic meat such as lamb or beef that will go perfectly with a VS or VSOP. More aromatic ones such as lacquered duck or pigeon, will seduce an XO. On the fish side, a salmon will charm a VSOP.
Cognac XO Fine Champagne Bache-Gabrielsen and pigeon: cognac goes well with distinguished meats such as game. The pigeon with its delicate and slightly taste is more than conclusive.

Cognac also wakes up the plant. Choose mushrooms or play on the sweet and sour side of pumpkin or carrot. However, avoid vegetables that taste too strong, such as spinach, asparagus, cabbage or fennel, at all costs.

Dessert: cognac invites you to indulge in gourmet delights. It is the ideal companion for dessert. For beautiful emotions, you can serve a black ganache or tarte tatin with an XO. If you choose a lighter dessert, fruit is your ally.
Cognac XO Carafe Bache-Gabrielsen and dark chocolate: the major pairing that caresses all the finesse of the woody, floral and slightly amber flavours of dark chocolate.



A few tips professionals to play perfectly with food and cognac matches without making any mistakes:

Sugar is naturally combined with cognac. In the mouth, it produces a pleasant effect because it reduces the sensation of alcohol.

The bitterness will also go very well with an aged cognac as it will remind you of oak notes.

Salt and cognac are old friends because both are flavor enhancers.

Fat offers, in moderate doses, a pleasant combination with alcohol.

Umami remains cognac’s universal ally. This fifth flavor allows you to savour all the subtlety of cognac to a sensation of delicacy or tasty tastes.