News from Bache-Gabrielsen and the world of cognac


For over a century, our family house, has been resolutely turned to the future, with innovative projects at the heart of our values. We are very pleased to open our doors today to a unique experience, where your are the main actor: the creation of your own cognac.



Four generations of Bache-Gabrielsen have passed, each leaving their mark on the history of the company. Boldness is in our DNA, and it’s our taste for the exploration of new territories that makes us want to become the first house in Cognac to share some of its secrets with you.

Jean-Philippe Bergier joined the Bache-Gabrielsen production house thirty years ago. His know-how and passion is at the service of your PRIVATE cognac CASK experience. He will be accompanying you in your choice of terroir and thoughout the ageing process. He will match, with paternal attention, over your precious spirit.



Some experiences only make sense if you live them through…

As a bold company, we offer you the opportunity to create and monitor the maturation of your cognac in a 30 litre barrel, until de the final bottling. Become the owner of a unique cognac. 

Our cellar master, Jean-Philippe Bergier, has selected for you the bests eau-de-vie capable of meeting your requirements. Among three AOC Cognac wines, choose the eau-de-vie whose profile seduces you. Follow the ageing until it is bottled on our cellars. An experience to share with friends or family!





Each terroir in the AOC Cognac gives birth to spirits with unique characters. Drawing on the house’s experience and network of 150 partners wine growers, Bache-Gabrielsen has been selecting newly distilled eaux-de-vie for you. Each of them will reveal their full personality though particular ageing process.

  • The Fins Bois will give a fruity and generous cognac that quickly ripens. Two years of ageing will highlight its roudness and generosity.
  • The Petite Champagne will give a vigorous cognac with very intense floral notes. Its full character will be revealed after four years of ageing.
  • The Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie are distinctive by their suppleness and powerful floral notes. After six years of ageing, they will offer an elegant cognac with a long delicate finish on the palate.


Ageing is a crucial phase in the elaboration of a cognac. Traditionally, cognacs are aged in 300 to 400 litres barrels. Bache-Gabrielsen has chosen 30-litres barrels for your PRIVATE cognac CASK, thus multiplying the exchanges between the spirit and the ambient air. Our cellar master has carefully selected barrels which have previously been filled with Bache-Gabrielsen XO cognac.

Over time, your PRIVATE cognac CASK will evolve and acquire new qualities. We invite you to follow their ageing by tasting a sample each year, either straight from our cellars or in samples that we would deliver to your door.

When your PRIVATE cognac CASK reaches its optimum age, Bache-Gabrielsen will organise a unique bottling session to which you will be invited in order to bottle your cognac yourself. Then, you will leave with 50 or 60 bottles depending on the vintage chosen for your precious elixir, whose labels bearing the information of your PRIVATE cognac CASK can be personalized by you.

It is up to you to create the cognac that suits you and will be unique.

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