News from Bache-Gabrielsen and the world of cognac


Producing authentic and innovative spirits has always been part of our history, revealing spirits of all origins, bringing our daring touch. After American Oak Whiskey, we unveil the second opus of the range : the first Aquavit made in Cognac, paying tribute to our Scandinavian roots.

Well know in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Aquavit is the Scandinavian spirit by excellence. In a way, it is a bit like the gin’s cousin by the use of aromatics. Like gin uses a majority of juniper, aquavit requires a majority of caraway. It is a blend of two spirits : the first, boldly rich in caraway and fennel, is distilled in a traditional cognac alembic. The second, with brightly floral notes of angelica, is distilled under vacuum. The Aquavit by Bache-Gabrielsen offers an intensely fresh experience with a lingering length. Both complex and sweet, well balanced, each ingredient brings its own personality into this harmonious blend. Our Aquavit is appreciated in long drink with tonic or in cocktails.

This achievement is the result of a collaboration with the Audemus Spirits micro-distillery, with whom we share the same values of creativity and passion and who’s specialized in the creation of innovative and expressive products. Jean-Philippe Bergier, Bache-Gabrielsen’s master blender for more than 30 years, put his experience to the service of the creation of this new spirit.


Distillation by Bache-Gabrielsen / Aquavit – 70 cl – 40 % vol
PVC : 39 euros TTC
Available : December 2018
Distribution : online store